An Honest Review of Bet365 Jan 2022

Bet365 is among the most recognized bookmakers in the world. With extravagant TV ads and stadium advertisements, it’s hard to not have heard of the company. If you’ve been lately wondering about using Bet365 as your sports betting platform, then this article is for you.

Bet365: Sports and Markets Available

In this article, I have explained what to expect from the bookmaker, the best features to look forward to, pros and cons, and answered a few FAQs based on my experience as a Bet365 user.

Bet365 has probably the largest selection of sports markets available. All major sporting events around the globe are covered by this bookie which includes NFL, UEFA Champions League, English Premier League, NHL, World Cups, etc. Almost all mainstream sports like motorsports, horse racing, boxing, football, and soccer are available.

I wasn’t surprised that I came across niche sports like bowls, Gaelic sports, and table tennis. Even sporting tournaments from countries like Kuwait, Thailand, and Croatia were available on Bet365. Besides sports, Bet365 is also popular for other types of betting markets.

Casino Review

Bet365 is not a bookmaker limited to sports betting. It is like a diversified conglomerate offering a diverse form of betting options, part of which are casinos and slot games. From Roulette to Blackjack to Baccarat, you can find any casino game on this website. Many of the games are live. In terms of slot games, there are literally hundreds to choose from. You will find popular titles like Jurassic Park and The Incredible Hulk. So if you’re a casino pro, you’re naturally going to like Bet365.

Bingo Review

If bingo games are your favourite, then Bet365 has got you covered. There are a lot of games including 75 Ball, 80 Ball, And 90 Ball that will appeal to any bingo lover. The live dealer game feature makes the gaming experience even better.

eSports Review

One market where Bet365 really differentiates itself from other online bookies is in eSports. You can place bets on a varied range of games like Call of Duty, League of Legends, Fortnite, DOTA, and Counter-Strike: GO. It also offers a lot of flexibility in eSports betting including live in-game betting support.

All of the above sports or sections are easy to find as they are listed down and categorized accurately.

Odds and Limits

When I started placing bets on Bet365, I did receive higher odds in some cases. Given its reputation and above-average ratings, a comparison of these odds is considered the best. The odds offered by Bet365 are great for sports like soccer, football, volleyball, cricket, basketball, etc. Not only pre-match odds, but in-game live odds were equally impressive.


Is Bet365 Legal?

Yes. Bet365 sports is the largest bookmaker in the world with millions of customers from around the world. It is registered in the UK.

What can I bet on?

You can bet on a wide range of sporting events and markets. In addition to that, you can play Bingo, and Casino.

What is the minimum deposit required?

For UK citizens, it is £5 and it varies for other countries.

How can I withdraw my money?

You can withdraw money directly from your bank account.

Can I stream live matches in Bet365?

You can stream some matches, but not all. You also need to have placed a bet on that particular game. To use the Live Streaming service you will need to be logged in and have a funded account or to have placed a bet in the last 24 hours.

Can my account get suspended?

In most cases no, but Bet365 can suspend your account if you violate their T&C.

My Review: Best Features of Bet365

Bet365 is loaded with rich features that would appeal to any punter. Bet365 is getting professional at developing brand assets. While there is a whole lot of things I genuinely liked, here are my best picks:

Bet Builder

With bet builder, you can create your customized bets which you think are safe and profitable. This is similar to what some other bookmakers offer via social media channels with the “request-a-bet” system. But in Bet365, this feature is built within the platform and is known as “Bet Builder”. You just need to pick a number from its wide range of markets and then add to the Bet Builder. Then Bet365 will take over and calculate the odds for you.

For example, in a game of football, you can choose the first goalscorer, the total touchdowns, and win margin among others. This will be considered as a single bet and you’ll be rewarded based on the calculation.

In-play Betting

Bet365 is among the pioneers in in-play betting functionality. While other bookmakers also offer this functionality, Bet365 is way ahead in terms of events and market availability. Football is the largest live betting market, but you will also find this functionality in sports like tennis, basketball, horse racing, and cricket.

How To Place In-Play Bets?

To place your bets in the middle of a game, you’d be required to place a pre-match bet with the minimum amount asked. Then once the game starts, it will get credited in a separate In-play betting account and you can place your bets whenever you deem fit.

Live Streaming

A feature I’d rate highly is the Live Stream feature. Given the market share of Bet365, it is not a surprise that they’re investing in live streaming. While it worked perfectly for my betting requirement, the streaming functionality might disappoint some. This is because not all events are streamed on Bet365. Only big events and markets like UEFA Champions League, and the NFL were streamed.

Plus, the streaming service is not available in all countries. In addition to that, to enjoy live streaming, you need to have a funded sports account and an active bet that is not older than 24 hours. But on certain occasions, just having a Bet365 account is enough to enjoy live streaming.

Cash Out

This feature allows you to cash out your earnings even before the event is concluded. Thus, this gives you more control over your bets. On top of that, you get to decide whether you want to cash out the entire amount or a part of it.

While this feature is available for both in-play and pre-match bet, it is currently limited to selected events and markets. As per my experience, only single bets, straight accumulator bets had the option of cashing out in the middle of the game.

Edit Bet

This is a relatively new feature added only in 2017 which, as the name suggests, allows you to edit bets once you have placed them. While there are heavy terms and conditions, it allows you to edit your bets in real-time, which I think is a really cool feature. I was able to use a combination of adding, altering, and removing my bets with this feature.

It’s worth mentioning that cash-out and edit-bet features are not available with in-play betting.

Additional Features of Bet365

Here are some features which, according to my experience, make Bet365 stand out from the rest:

Each Way Extra

This feature is particularly for horse racing events where you’ll be able to increase or decrease the number of places in a race when you’re betting Each Way. You can reduce prices and later remove places, which I think is pretty unique.

My Alerts

With My Alerts functionality, you can stay up-to-date with scores, news, events, and other actions. This is easy to set up and there is no additional charge to incur.

User Experience

The UX is simple, elegant, and friendly. If you’re betting on the desktop, then you’ll realize that Bet365 utilizes the entire screen as opposed to only the centre of the screen. This means more information in front of you in a single frame. Everything which you might need is available on the home screen itself. This is all backed by an excellent customer service which is always prompt and responsive.

Mobile App

Bet365 has a dedicated mobile app which, in my opinion, is the best way to use this bookmaker. Available for both Android and iOS platform, you can take the bookie with you wherever you go.

Pros and Cons


  • Large markets and sports available
  • In-game play and live streaming
  • Attractive bonus coupon
  • Excellent customer service


  • Restricted in some countries including some states in the US, Belgium, France and Netherlands for instance

My Personal Opinion on Bet365

I found Bet365 to be a great place for sports betting. Besides offering a huge collection of markets to bet on, it makes the process easy and seamless. Further, Bet365 live chat is worth appreciating too. So, I’d definitely recommend Bet365, but with a dose of responsible gambling.